Google Glass Will Google Glass Obliterate the Smartphones

Google Glass – Will Google Glass Obliterate the Smartphones?

A few decades ago, people wanted their cell phones to complete not only having the ability to receive calls. Through the years, we’ve got the technology of cell phones ongoing to evolve until it could fulfil the needs of each and every cell phone user and much more. With the appearance of the smartphones, people can now do not only send messages or make telephone calls using their cell phones. They are able to take pictures, see the Internet, do office work, as well as other menial tasks like calculating calorie consumption for the food.

However, a particular gadget is stated to become threatening the information on smartphones: google’s Glass. Would be the speculations true?

Google Glass is most likely the epitome of wearable technology, although there has been predecessors which did things outdoors google’s Glass’s scope of functionality. Essentially, google’s Glass could work just like a smartphone, without the message and email composition. Additional features like taking videos and pictures, browsing data and also the Internet, or perhaps being able to access the Gps navigation are based in the Google Glass.

Exactly what does this suggest for smartphone users?

The brand new smartphone models such as the Samsung SIV and iPhone S5 have become obtrusive, or too large. They simply won’t fit naturally within our pockets any longer due to their space. Google Glass removes this burden, all because of its size. The ability and functionality of the tablet or smartphone comes complete right into a spectacled eyewear, therefore the obtrusiveness is taken away. To put it simply, if everything Google announced concerning the options that come with Google Glass holds true, it might completely or partly remove involve smartphones. Today, Google Glass continues to be hush by what google’s Glass can really do.

Inside a recent campaign, Google gave the Google Glass to adventurers hoping of recording their escapades, from skydiving to rock climbing. The end result would be a phenomenal success. The adventurers loved the thought of having the ability to record and take images of their journey without getting to burden themselves having a camera.

This revives the opportunity of human interaction because individuals won’t may need to look in their phones when they would like to see the Internet or read messages. Everything can be achieved with the Google Glass, therefore the interaction between client and customer isn’t hindered by the view of a cell phone. Google has announced that Google Glass includes a MyGlass application, which enables so that it is synched through any Android phone. This enables users to see messages, Gps navigation data, as well as make an appointment while using voice-to-text functionality from the cell phone.